HR System

  • Streamline the recruiting and onboarding process
  • Manage all aspects of the employee experience
  • Use Omega to analyze your data and make critical business decisions

Omega can combine all your hr system processes to ensure management of employees and their data. Stream line your HR process, from recruiting to on-boarding referrals and careers page.


  • Automate the tedious job of payroll management
  • Track, manage and optimize how much you spend on labor
  • Omega is integrated with 3rd party payroll processing services

Manage your employee payroll with Omega. Track invested time and have a clear picture on what you are spending your money on. Track worked hours, calculate wages and other deductions. Integrate with major 3rd party payroll payment systems to process payments and government taxes.

Staff Compliance & Training

  • Ensure data private and protection compliance training
  • Ensure harassment and misconduct compliance training
  • Ensure anti-corruption and anti-compliance training
  • Ensure conflict of interest compliance training
  • Ensure custom compliance training with our modular content system

Customer Relationship Management

  • Measure all your companies relationship
  • Manage all interactions with potential customers
  • Improve business relationships
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve profitability and chance of success
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