Easy Data Integration

Omega CMS for Financial Services

Increase insight and profitability while reducing cost and risk

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Financial Services

Mitigate the risks

Time to market
  • Everything is moving to digital
  • Demand for immediacy, self-service and personalization
  • Increasing costs of consultancy
  • Unexpected delays due to integrations with 3rd party data
  • Sophisticated security threat actors
  • Increasing number of security incidents
  • Security costs increase each year
  • Compliance costs increase each year
  • Increasing regulatory environments
  • Marketplace compliance
  • Financial services have different regulatory compliance issues than other institutions

How Omega mitigates risks

Quickly develop a quality product and get to market quicker

Develop a product that adapts with the industry without massive retooling

Implement custom functionality

  • Through a custom content structure and automated workflows
  • Through custom plugins, dashboards, and additions to the core system
  • With content delivery by extending web services and our real-time communications capability
  • With automation of long-running tasks and asynchronous processes
  • Consume and manipulate data from multiple sources without massive custom code implementation
Skip massive development costs with building on Omega, save time and money

Quickly adapt to new business requirements by running Omega along side your existing product

  • Limit bespoke development
  • Use the Omega content designer to expand to industry-specific verticals, while keeping your product generic

Let's figure out how Omega can help your business grow today!

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