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Enterprise Case Studies - Spreadsheets

A pre-existing symptom

We find the client, a team of 25, working out of the same spreadsheet workbook. Adding to the issue, the structure of the data stored in the excel sheet was continuously being updated.

With no data backup or revisions, the team was in danger of losing the entire spreadsheet file data or have their changes overwritten with no way to go back.

With a spreadsheet containing upwards of 50 different columns, the team had to deal with a variety of data types including:

  •  Repeating input data
  •  Category association
  •  Multiple select options
  •  Single select options
  •  E-Mail addresses

In addition to the before stated, each team member had to be trained on which fields were required and in which scenarios.

The solution

The client utilized the modular content structure of Omega CMS to tailor the content stored to what the client requires, with the ability to remove or add data fields at will.

Multiple members can now view and edit the data at the same time and Omega CMS saves a revision each time someone makes a change allowing an easy way to revert back to previous information. In addition to revisions, Omega CMS provides an easy and helpful ability to audit who made a change at what time.

Because Omega CMS stored and read data to the existing spreadsheet every time a record was updated, graceful adoption occurred allowing each team member to switch to the new system at their own pace. Eventually, Omega CMS was configured to only write to the existing excel once all team members made the transition.

Team members as well as managers have the ability to systemically import new data from external third-party systems as well as export customized reports of existing data from Omega CMS.

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