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A system built on the core principles of reusability and data-cooperation.


what you can get?

Unique and morden design
Built with google material design from the ground up, our system has a natural look and feel that is comfortable and easy to use.
Tailor made content structure
Own your data, don't let it own you. Our system offers the ability for you to structure your data and data relationships just the way it makes sense to you.
Take your work with you
Access and manage your content from any device. Our system is fully responsive, this means that you can use it from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.
Reuse data
No need to leave data behind or jump through hoops to import it. We offer several ways for you to import your existing data directly or use it from the source system.
Federated data
Our ability to federate data means more flexibility for you! Store your non-secure data locally while storing your sensitive data in a secure location.
Restful services
Our system is built from the ground up on robust restful services. Using our proprietary TypeScript libraries, you will be able to consume data on your apps with ease.
Are you ready to try the OmegaCMS?

OmegaCMS all in one cms solution

Below are some use cases for our content management services solution

OmegaCms for Travel
Use the OmegaCMS to easily build a travel website
OmegaCms for inventory
Able to handle billions of records, our solution is ready for your inventory
OmegaCms for medical
Able to federate and secure data, our CMS is ready to securely store and organize your patient data
OmegaCms for accounting
With the ability to perform complex calculations and share data with outside systems, we can handle your accounting needs
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